50 Years Music Ministry Box – 6 CD’s

FREE 3125 THE BOX with 6 CD’s: 50 years music ministry

It started in 1970 with the visit of one American Continental Singers group. Leen La Rivière was the organizer with the help of a number of other volunteers. And for him and for many others that was a life-changing experience. From 1970 till 1985 US Continentals came every year to Europe, all tours organized by Leen’s Continental Sound in Rotterdam. In 1986 is the start of the European Continentals adding every year more and more tours. And that stimulated the start of Italian Continentals, German Continentals, French Continentals, Slovak Continentals, Hungarian Continentals, Romanian Continentals. Many tours did secret mission work in communistic Eastern Europe… a book can be written about their adventures and great blessings, as an honor to those tours one poster of a tour with and for Solidarinosc in Poland(1981) is in this booklet. To mark this unique period of 50 years of music ministry you find in this booklet the posters used during  these 50 years


AD 2020: Continentals have performed for 50 years in Europe. They have become a tremendous blessing all over the world, having reached over 15 million visitors and many more via radio- and TV-broadcasts in many nations. What started as an American ministry became a global ministry, having (inter)national Continental Singers groups in many nations. In Europe: appr.4000 persons have toured with one or more Continental Singers groups: they all testify about a life-changing experience!





Recordings were done in the USA and The Netherlands. The original LP’s (1970 – 1987) were digitalized. As much as possible clicks and noise have been erased. Please your understanding, as re-recording would have cost too much. Editing and mastering in Groovy Studio, Vaassen, the Netherlands by Wilkin de Vlieger

Cover design by Gers Gemaakt

Per 10 years you have one CD. As the Continentals started in 1963 in the USA you have as a bonus a 6thg CD with the best songs from the sixties. The total is 120 songs. Here the selection:

* 1963 – Wonderful and marvellous – Medley(When the Lord saved me/Something happened) – Bring them oh Lord to Thee – Roll Jordan roll * 1964 ­– Sing a happy song – O purify my life – Sunshine medley (when you walk the sunshine way/you can smile)  * 1965Life is s symphony – Ezekiel saw the wheel – More that conquerors – Wasn’t that a wonder * 1967 The numbers song – No one ever cared for me like Jesus – Reach down that hand – Hosanna, I build a house * 1968 Wonderful day – The man – Beyond all time – The Lord’s prayer * 1970 I know where I am going – Whiter than snow – Tell me the story of Jesus – the new 23rd * 1971 Look inside – A mighty fortress – Like a river glorious * 1972 It’s getting late – I wish you’d all believe – He that overcomes – Hosanna, hallelujah * 1973My one aspiration – A quiet time – Paul and Barnabbas preached the Gospel – Believe in your heart  * 1974 Share – Everybody should – He’s the word – If you just believe * 1975 I believe in heaven – Every knee shall bow – Hallelujah, praise, selah * 1976 The victor – Joyful praise * 1977 All day medley – I came to praise the Lord – Praise songs to Jesus * 1978 Sing it with love – Bread upon the waters – He’s alive * 1980 And there was light – They tried to kill the light * 1981 Victory and glory medley – the trumpet of Jesus – Little Child – We are the reason – We shall behold Him * 1982 The Traveller * 1983 Praise His name * 1984 Majesty medley * 1985 Sing to the Lord – We will stand * 1986 Send me – All over the world * 1987 A mighty fortress – Runner – Wings of an eagle – There is power * 1988 Our great God and King – Wonderful grace * 1989 Come and enter his presence and lift up your song * 1990 We are an army – I still believe * 1991 Every corner of the world – we are a people * 1992 Marvellous – Who will call Him king * 1994 In moments like these * 1995 I pledge allegiance to the lamb – African Lord’s prayer * 1996 On the frontline – Heal my heart * 1997 Tell the good news – I choose to follow * 1998 Will they play – Unbelieveable love * 1999 Testify to love *2000 Testify the truth *2001 Speechless – Come thou fount  * 2002 You lift me up *2003 Shackles – Joy – Small enough * 2004 Make it last forever – He – Dancing in heaven * 2005 Stand – Let the glory come down *2006 Be thou my vision – live to serve * 2008 Now thank we all our God – A mighty fortress * 2009 Be glorified – Nothing will last but love – Grace be with you *2010 Sing Up with faith Say so *2011 What faith can doI put my trust in youTake you at your word *2012 Mercy Matters Blessings Bring your love *2013 the king is comingStill my heart God of justice *2014 HarmonyShakeConnected to you *2015 Alpha and OmegaTell the world *2017 Holy, Holy *2020 Praise Him

Producer: Leen La Rivière for Continental Ministries Europe, owner of the name THE CONTINENTALS. The names and concepts of Continentals, Continental Singers, Young Continentals, Continental Kids are copyrighted  ©and registered  ® under the  European Trade Mark and Copyrights Acts and fully registered for all of Europe by Continental Ministries Europe/ Continental Sound Music. With thanks to the founding father Cam Floria, USA, who started Continentals in 1963. www.continentalministries.org: the official website of Continentals in Europe. Please do NOT copy this recording, it is damaging for the ministry in music!

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Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm


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