Praying – Leen La Rivière

What is praying? How do we pray? What forms can we use to pray? What should our attidude be, when praying? What are subjects to pray for? This book takes you by the hand to think about every prayer that is mentioned in the Bible. Praying is like talking to God. But how do we do that? The book is very practical and for immediate use on a day by day basis. We travel together through the Old and New Testament and explore, learn from all examples. It will be a truly blessed journey.  274 pages. The author is Leen La Rivière who wrote 28 books about the arts, youth, faith, the Kingdom of God, our position in today’s world, etc. Founding father of Continental Ministries Europe, Christian Artists, etc. This book proved to be of great blessing for many. Translations exist in Dutch, French, and German too.


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