Creative and Christian – Leen La Rivière

This book is no. 1 from the series ‘Biblical foundations’. This book is about the biblical foundations for creativity and the arts. The book has 54 short devotions to encourage every Christian with artistic or creative gifts to become mature in their own spiritual understanding and help to take the right place in present-day culture. 120 pages. This book has been very successful. The Dutch version had already 3 reprints. The book exists now in 14 languages. Many creative persons around the world use this book with great interest and are blessed by the challenges and possibilities. The author is Leen La Rivière who wrote 28 books about the arts, youth, faith, the Kingdom of God, our position in today’s world, etc. Founding father of Continental Ministries Europe, Christian Artists, etc.


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Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm